Domestic Electricians Adelaide

Domestic Electricians Adelaide

Humphreys Electrical — What We Guarantee As Your Professional Domestic Electricians in Adelaide

At Humphreys Electrical, we only have licensed domestic electricians to ensure that all electrical work completed at your Adelaide property is done right. As professionals, we can ensure long-term solutions for our residential clients.

Whenever we work at your residence, we underscore the importance of safety. We ensure that every component of your electrical system works properly to meet government standards. Furthermore, our domestic electricians who fix and leave your premises in Adelaide eliminate all the risks involved in a faulty electrical component.

Our inspections will normally include checks of the following parts:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Cabling connections
  • Circuit breakers
  • Fixtures
  • Appliances
  • Isolation switches
  • Switchboards and more

Our staff are adequately trained to guarantee that your home has enough surge protection. We also look at your circuit breakers and safety switches to determine whether or not their sizes are correct. Finally, our earthing system inspection ensures that the component meets Australia’s safety standards.

“I recommend Humphreys Electrical for the great customer service. The guys provided a detailed quote and budget options for my home renovation”.

– Bernice

Domestic Electricians Adelaide
Domestic Electricians Adelaide

Humphreys Electrical | FAQs for Our Domestic Electricians in Adelaide

Homeowners in Adelaide need to understand that hiring domestic electricians is the best way to effectively solve electrical problems. Want to learn more?

  • Can I DIY my electrical issues?

No. Remember that laws in Australia prohibit DIY work when it comes to electrical issues. Even if you have successfully fixed the problem yourself, the work might not pass government standards. You need licensed and qualified domestic electricians in Adelaide to ensure that everything is up to code.

  • What is an RCD?

The residual-current device is simply known as the safety switch. The purpose of this component is to track the electrical current and disconnect the electricity in case there is a leak from a fault in the switch, appliance, or wiring. Our professional team will assist you in ensuring that you comply with RCD testing requirements.

Why Choose Our Professional Domestic Electricians for Your Adelaide Home

Our domestic electricians for Adelaide homes work with efficiency, timeliness, and reliability to ensure quality service at your home. Whether you need us for renovations or wiring and rewiring residences, we can help.

We are also experts in LED lighting. We can supply and install as well as replace your current LED lights. Our team will also help you with insurance claims. When you are planning to extend your home, talk to us, and we’ll work in your new space promptly.

Our domestic electricians can also work towards making your Adelaide home energy efficient. With our electrical inspections and routine maintenance on your wiring, you’ll soon notice that your electricity bills will decrease.

Domestic Electricians Adelaide

We are your friendly and efficient domestic electricians in Adelaide. Let us know your residential electrical requirements by calling us today.