Humphreys Electrical offer commercial electrical services across Adelaide and beyond.We have a team of licensed and professional electricians to handle all your electrical wiring needs. From new construction wiring to renovation of existing buildings our crew of professional commercial electricians has years of experience to help you get your project completed on time, and within budget.


Our residential electricians can provide the reliable, efficient and timely electrical service that you want at your home. Whether you require an electrician for renovations, are in need of new home wiring services, full-home re-wiring, LED lighting replacement, have insurance claims or are extending your home, Humphreys Electrical has got you covered. We provide electrical inspections, routine electrical wiring maintenance, and will consult with you on ways to make your home more energy efficient.

C-Bus Automation

Control the mood and ambience with one touch. Intelligent & stylish keypads and touchscreen devices can control lighting settings & scenes, created for your individual requirements.

Different areas may require different lighting levels depending on the application and by incorporating lighting control this can be easily changed. For example in the bedroom you may have multiple settings on one keypad; one with all lights, another with low light for watching TV and one with just the light above each side of the bed for reading. You could even have a sensor activate select lights when going to the bathroom.

In a commercial setting scenes can be set to say afternoon, evening and night so that lighting levels are always remain consistent regardless of staff.

The amount of items that C-bus automation cn control is endless below is a number of items that are commonly controlled;

  • Blinds/ Curtains
  • Pumps
  • Ceiling Fan Control
  • Air Conditioning Control
  • Audio/AV

Lighting control not only enables you to easily manage many lighting zones increasing efficiency and security, it’s energy efficient reducing running costs by having lights turned off in unused areas or lights at a dimmed level.

Commercial/Industrial Maintenance

Our commercial electrical maintenance team will save your business money. Ineffective machinery or appliances reduce your output and cause delays. So keeping them running at their best should be a priority.

Humphreys Electrical can help you comply with the current compliance requirements in regards to exit and emergency lighting, RCD testing and testing and tagging of appliances.

Utilising the latest in thermal imaging technology, Humphreys Electrical can identify problems long before they arise. This gives your business adequate time to organise repair before the concern becomes a breakdown. This in turn results in less downtime, which can potentially save you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars!

Lightning protection

The awesome phenomenon of lightning is unpredictable. It is a constant danger to humanity and, in a world of increasingly complex and sophisticated buildings and equipment, a single direct strike, measured in microseconds, can result in physical damage to buildings and catastrophic failure to sensitive electronic equipment. It can start fires, cause major break-downs to electrical, telephone and computer installations, and simultaneously cause substantial loss of revenue. Lightning is a common event. Some 44,000 storms occur every day, bombarding land and sea with about 9 million lightning strikes.

It causes more than 1000 deaths per year around the globe and results in $1.2 billion in property damage each year in the USA alone.
Humphreys Electrical uses and recommends ERICO Lightning Protection Products.


Does your Medical Practice comply with AS/NZS3003 2011? Since 2011 all new and under some OH&S regulations existing patient areas must have body or cardiac protected outlets in areas where patients receive treatment. Clinics that are required to comply are the following;

  • Dentists
  • Chiropractors
  • Physios
  • General practitioners
  • Nursing Homes
  • Specialists

Humphreys Electrical can audit your clinic and give a written proposal to bring your installation and equipment up to standard. We can also implement a periodic testing plan as all patient treatment areas must be tested every 12 months.

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