Switchboard Upgrades Adelaide

switchboard upgrades adelaide

Humphreys Electrical — Providing Professional Switchboard Upgrades in Adelaide

When there’s a problem with your electrical wiring in your Adelaide property, it’s time to consider switchboard upgrades. Keep your home or business safe from the hazards of a faulty switchboard. Let Humphreys Electrical test your unit and schedule your next upgrade. In case the switchboard is already unsafe to use, we can upgrade it right then and there.

Our owner Glynn Humphreys has worked for some of the biggest electrical firms in Australia and Europe. Since our establishment in 2002, we have been providing electrical installation, maintenance, and designs to a range of loyal clients. Our team’s years of experience has allowed us to know what works best for every type of electrical problem.

Our switchboard upgrades for Adelaide homes will help you prevent insufficient power supply and short circuits. Moreover, you have a safety switch, which can give you the ability to cut or restore power as necessary. This feature is not available in obsolete switchboards.

What’s Included in Switchboard Upgrades for My Adelaide Property?

Switchboard upgrades in Adelaide will vary from property to property. Your budget is also a factor. This service includes replacing all ceramic fuses. Our electrician will install safe circuit breakers and RCDs in their place. This service will take place in a clean enclosure and will also include tidying or rewiring the cables at the back of your panel.

Adelaide switchboard upgrades can also involve the following:

  • Asbestos panel replacement
  • Main cable upgrades
  • Smart meter addition
  • New service fuses

This process will help make your property safer. At the same time, the property can adhere to the electrical standards of Australia.

switchboard upgrades adelaide
switchboard upgrades adelaide

The Importance of Switchboard Upgrades in Adelaide

Switchboard upgrades and inspections in Adelaide are vital to the safety of your property. We will inspect the components to determine whether or not an upgrade is indeed necessary. A switchboard is an essential part of an electrical circuit, especially since safety needs to be prioritised. Since it wears over time, problems can occur.

Homeowners and business owners have the responsibility to keep all people in their premises safe. Switchboard upgrades for your Adelaide home or business will help improve the whole electrical system of your home or building.

Prevention is better than curing — this is certainly true when it comes to electrical problems. It’s better to have an electrician discover such issues before they can cause harm. Our switchboard inspection involves the detection of unsafe parts. We also check the circuit breakers, earthing electrode and main wiring.

Humphreys Electrical offers safe and up-to-code solutions for your switchboard upgrades in Adelaide.