LED Lighting Upgrade Adelaide

LED Lighting Upgrade Adelaide

Helping Adelaide Properties Decrease Energy Consumption with an LED Lighting Upgrade

At Humphreys Electrical, we are your efficient and reliable LED lighting upgrade service provider in Adelaide. Making the switch will not only be friendly to the environment, but it will also reduce your energy consumption. The latter will result in reduced electricity bills.

An LED lighting upgrade in your Adelaide property would also mean that replacing bulbs will happen less often. Unlike incandescent lights, LEDs don’t fail or burn out. They merely dim gradually.

If you purchase a high-quality LED light, expect that it will work for 30,000 to 50,000 hours or perhaps even longer, (depending on the fixture). Here’s a comparison with other types of lighting:

  • Incandescent bulb: Lasts 1,000 hours, more or less
  • Fluorescent lamp: Lasts about 8000 hours to 10,000 hours

The Cost and Savings of an LED Lighting Upgrade in Adelaide

The needs of your home or business and your location in Adelaide are among the factors that affect the price of an LED lighting upgrade. In South Australia, the government has energy efficiency assistance for qualified households and businesses.

The energy savings from a LED lighting upgrade in Adelaide are also dependent on your location’s current lighting system and its efficiency. Here are some quick facts about the percentage of savings per lighting type:

  • Fluorescent lights to LED has a saving of 66%
  • LED from high bay lighting saves you about 85%

Regardless of which type you’re upgrading your lighting from, an LED lighting system will bring you significant savings. You will easily notice them once you have LED lights installed.

Australians are among the countries paying the highest tariffs. Therefore, upgrading to an LED system is still the best choice, as it protects your money from the constantly increasing electricity bills.

LED Lighting Upgrade Adelaide
LED Lighting Upgrade Adelaide

Let Our Team at Humphreys Electrical Complete Your LED Lighting Upgrade in Your Adelaide Home or Business

Our residential and commercial electricians will complete your Adelaide LED lighting upgrade with professionalism, efficiency, and reliability. Moreover, we will do the job before your designated deadline so you can enjoy the benefits of LED lighting immediately.

We understand that some clients might be unsure of the outcome, but we are ready to show you how effective LED lighting is before you invest your money in products and installation.

Part of our mission is to ensure that you are happy with our LED lighting upgrade work in your Adelaide location. We will follow up on the newly installed system to see if you’re satisfied with the results. Our electricians will work promptly to avoid disruptions in your operations. You’ll also get peace of mind as we offer warranties on the jobs we perform.

“His pricing is very reasonable and he’s incredibly accommodating. Without hesitation I would recommend Humphreys Electrical for any of your electrical needs”.

– James Marley

At Humphreys Electrical, we will help you create a brighter home, workplace, or factory with our LED Lighting Upgrade Adelaide. Call us today for a consultation.