Electrical Faults Adelaide

Electrical Faults Adelaide

The Professional Team for Electrical Faults in Adelaide

Our service-oriented and dedicated team is the primary reason why we are the ideal company to take care of your electrical faults in Adelaide. We have a team of trained electricians committed to customer satisfaction. The team ensures that we complete all projects on time, on budget, and to the quality our clients deserve.

Humphreys Electrical is an electrical company based in Unley. We are centrally located to provide professional electrical services to the greater metropolitan and local country areas.

Our reliable company is headed by Glynn Humphreys, who brings the experience of over 30 years to the business. Glynn has worked for some of the largest electrical contracting firms in Australia and Europe. This experience, combined with the commitment of our team, is the reason why you should choose Humphreys Electrical for your next electrical project. We specialise in electrical installations, design and maintenance. Call our office today for personalised services.

How We Can Help With Your Electrical Faults in Adelaide

At Humphreys Electrical, we specialise in dealing with electrical faults in Adelaide. We specialise in providing electrical advice and services to residential and commercial clients. Our team understands that electrical faults can cause fires and untold damages to property. This is why we have a quick response time to avoid putting you and your property at risk.

Several reasons can lead to an electrical fault. If left unattended, it can cause a fire, electrocution and can be fatal. Our experienced fault-finding electricians are the key to preventing accidents from happening. We recommend you avoid repairing electrical faults on your own since it is a safety risk to you and your property. We always assure our clients of the quality of services at Humphreys Electrical. We are reliable, consistently deliver what we promise and our team is here to ensure our clients can live and work in a safe environment.

Electrical Faults Adelaide
Electrical Faults Adelaide

Signs of Electrical Faults in Adelaide

When it comes to electrical faults in Adelaide, a few signs will show you have a problem. The first sign is power surges. When you notice a sudden surge in power due to increased voltage, this can cause electrical fires and damage electrical appliances. Power surges are a result of damaged power lines or poor electrical wiring. Most surges do not last more than a second, but they can cause untold damage.

The second sign is circuit overloading. Every electrical system is designed to meet specific purposes. When you connect a system to a load it cannot handle, it may lead to electrical faults.

Old and dilapidated wiring is another thing that leads to electrical faults. As wiring gets older insulation breaks down, becomes brittle and in time will need replacing. This will lead to issues like short-circuiting and overheating, fires and the potential of electrocution. You should also look out for unjustified electricity bills, dipping light bulbs, and excessive heat from electrical appliances.

If you suspect any electrical faults at your property or business residence in Adelaide, reach out to our team immediately, and we will take care of you.